dreamstime_xxl_27295959-1Yep, we’ve officially entered in November. Can you believe it? Before you know it the new year will be rolling in and everyone will be making their resolutions. However, before then we do get the pleasure of experiencing the holiday season for the next two months.

There are so many wonderful things about the holidays. Not only do you get to spend time with your friends and family but you get to relax for a few days while eating delicious food. Unfortunately, the holidays are notorious for causing people to experience food-related illnesses. Things like indigestion, heartburn, constipation, acid reflux and more can strike at any moment when you put such rich foods into your system for the first time in a long time. Another cause is that you simply cannot stop indulging. We get it, often it’s very difficult to stop eating that third piece of cherry pie. However, following the tips below will help you to enjoy your holidays far more and prevent any stomach issues that your holiday gatherings may otherwise cause.

  1. Acknowledge when you are full.

    We have all experienced being so full  that we are uncomfortable. After a long day of indulging in anything and everything that your heart desires, you may find yourself unable to get up off the couch and feeling miserable. The solution to avoiding this is very simple. You just have to pay attention to how you are feeling. When you can recognize the need to stop eating, you won’t have to go through the agony of feeling as though your stomach is going to burst and you also won’t be kicking yourself the next time you step on the scale.

  2. Sample a bit of everything.

    During the holidays, it is not unlikely that there will be a large spread of many different kinds of food and these foods aren’t necessarily healthy for you. In fact, they are normally foods that are very heavy in sugar and fat. If you want to be able to try everything but you don’t want to completely ignore your digestive system’s limits, we would suggest sampling a bit of every food offered to you. Avoid piling your favorites in a huge mound on your plate and instead, get a little bit of everything.

  3. Make a plan.

    If you anticipate that even with the aforementioned tips you will likely be experiencing stomach issues, you may want to be proactive. Stop into your local gastroenterology office today or call us at West Gastroenterology and make an appointment today. Your gastroenterologist can help you to make a plan so that you can avoid the digestive problems you normally have during the holidays this year.