March is the perfect month for reflecting on your own personal gastrointestinal health. This is because is it Colorectal Cancer prevention month. Every single year, hundreds of thousands of people suffer from colon cancer just in the United States alone. The worst part is that most of these cases could be preventing had those affected simply undergone routine exams by their doctor or a local gastroenterologist.

It is not uncommon for people to develop polyps along the inner lining of their colon at some point or another throughout their lives. While polyps are not a huge deal at first, these benign growths are also pre-cancerous, meaning they can spread and turn into cancer given enough time. So how can you prevent these non-malignant growths from becoming malignant? The answer may shock you.

Most people do not start to develop polyps until they are between the ages of 45 and 55. In order to prevent these polyps from turning into cancer, you simply need to have routine check ups and colonoscopies (depending on your age and doctor recommendation) once you get into your early 40’s. When a polyp or polyps are found by your doctor, they can be removed using special catheters (and anesthesia, of course) before they ever cause a real threat.

If you have not had a check up in the last three years and you think it may be time to check the health of your colon (which we definitely do) you should contact the West Gastroenterology Medical Group. We can make sure your colon is in good health and help you to prevent colon cancer from here on out.