dreamstime_xl_11020823Constipation is something that every person experiences from time to time. When it only happens here and there, people may not seek help. For others, however, constipation is a normal part of life that causes them to be uncomfortable far more than is necessary. Taking the right steps to figuring out the cause of chronic constipation is always the first step.

Reasons Behind Constipation

There are several reasons you may be experiencing constipation such as not getting enough fibers or liquids in your daily diet, not enough exercise in your day to day life, taking certain kind of medications, gastrointestinal disorders, and more.

Often when people visit a doctor in hopes of making their constipation disappear, the doctor will recommend a change in diet right off the bat. This is because most people who experience constipation find that changes to their diet can dissipate their symptoms. On the other hand, if you are experiencing any of the following, be sure to disclose the most serious symptoms to your physician: blood in the toilet or in your stool, extreme pain, nausea, vomiting, faintness, extreme weight loss and fever.

What About Laxatives?

One of the most common questions gastroenterologists get about constipation is whether or not their patients should simply take a laxative when they are experiencing constipation symptoms. This is entirely dependent on the kind of laxative you take and whether or not you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Our recommendation would be to always check with your doctor first if you decide you want to take a laxative to help ease your constipation. You can never truly know if a specific brand will help and your doctor may be able to give you a recommendation for how to cure your constipation that doesn’t require over the counter medication.

How Can You Eliminate Your Symptoms?

In addition to seeking the help of your doctor you can also do several things in your day to day life to try and eliminate constipation.

  • Stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water will help your body to stay healthy in all aspects, and not just in your digestive system.
  • Eating fruits, vegetables and other foods that are high in fiber like beans will keep you regular.
  • Consume natural laxatives. These are things like figs, dried apricots, prune june and cantaloupe.
  • If you feel the need to go to restroom, go right then. Preventing yourself from relieving yourself is not good for your body.
  • Eat small and nutritious meals throughout the day to ensure your digestive system can stay in its healthiest state.

Constipation is something that no one wants to deal with, especially when it is on a regular basis. Don’t live your life just dealing with the discomfort that constipation causes you. Try the suggestions above and visit the professionals at West Gastroenternology Medical Group. We will do everything we can to figure out what is going on with your digestive system and how we can help get you back to feeling great again. Contact us today should you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment with one of our experienced physicians.