dreamstime_7124798Here at West Gastroenterology Medical Group, we like to concern ourselves with everything that can have a negative effect on the health of your stomach. With that in mind, September is National Food Safety Education Month, something you should take into consideration if you like to eat (and who doesn’t?). For something that is so important, however, many people tend to not know enough about why food safety matters and how it can affect them. Let’s talk about what food safety can mean for you and your family.

Avoiding Food Poisoning

When food is not prepared correctly or is stored poorly, it can cause serious illness including food poisoning. If you have ever experienced food poisoning you probably are fairly familiar with the horrific side effects that come with it like fever, diarrhea, cramping and vomiting. Most often this occurs when food has expired and is eaten anyway or when certain foods, namely meat, are not cooked thoroughly.

Taking Food Safety Seriously

There are plenty ways you can ensure that you are serving safe food to your family and yourself. A large number of foods include instructions regarding how to store and prepare the food. Follow these instructions and you will have no reason to fear that your food will make you sick. Also be sure to check expiration dates on products to ensure you are not consuming anything that has gone bad. Additionally, make sure to thaw meat in the refrigerator and not on the counter where bacteria can grow.

Take your food safety seriously and protect yourself and those who you are feeding as well as you possibly can!