In our last post, we discussed how important it is to see your doctor annually for a colon screening once you reach the age of 45. To reiterate, having a colon screening is a crucial preventative measure that often helps people discover polyps in their colon that are not yet cancerous but have the potential to become cancerous given time. Having a regular colon screening can decrease the likelihood of you being diagnosed with colon cancer by 90%, but what actually happens when you go in for this procedure?

Well, there are a handful of colon screenings you can opt to have. The most common is of course, a colonoscopy. This procedure allows the doctor to examine your entire colon and rectal lining. The procedures are less invasive from this point on. You can have a sigmoidoscopy (an exam of your lower colon and rectal lining), a CT colonoscopy (scans of your bowel are taken with CT Technology), or stool test which are precisely what you think they are.

All in all, these procedures are nearly painless and they ensure that everything is on the up and up with your colon. The doctors at West Gastroenterology Medical Group can help you and give you a better idea of the state of your colon. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and full of the answers that you are looking for regarding your health. Call our office today and make an appointment to ensure you don’t ever have to be diagnosed with colon cancer in the future.