Probiotics & Why You Should Take Them

Probiotics & Why You Should Take Them

In our last post, we touched on the location of your immune system and the vital role your gut plays in making sure that you remain healthy from day to day. Plain and simple, when your gut is happy, it is equipped with a large population of good bacteria, also known as probiotics. This type of bacteria works to support your immune system receptor cells which in turn will benefit your body as whole in multiple ways. But how in the world do you get good bacteria to thrive in your gut? Continue reading below to learn more about probiotics and what they can do for you.

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The Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics Support Healthy Immune Function

When there is good bacteria in your gut it can help to develop and maintain your mucosal immune system. Probiotics are also known to help promote healthy responses to allergens, making it easier for your immune system to uncover which antigens in the air are harmful and which ones are not.

Probiotics Assist in Weight Management

One of the reasons people begin to introduce probiotics into their diet is to assist those who are obese with their weight management. Those who have plenty of good bacteria in their gut are shown to have more of an ability to keep off excess weight. Additionally, they also have a lower risk of becoming obese in the first place.

Probiotics Aid in Digestion

In order to absorb specific types of undigested starches, fibers and sugars, your gut has to have a high amount of good bacteria. When you do, these things can be converted more easily into energy and valuable sources of energy. Your body is also able to produce more vitamin K and B vitamins when you have probiotics in your system.

Probiotics Can Improve Emotional Health

Did you know that your gut produces a higher amount of serotonin than your brain does? This mood-influencing neurotransmitter plays a huge role in how you feel emotionally throughout the day. This means that when you gut is healthy, it can produce more serotonin which will lead to being in a better mood more often.

Probiotics Support Skin Health

When people suffer from issues with their skin, it is often thought that it is because they have a delay in how developed their immune system is. Adding a probiotic to your diet could also be the answer for some who have issues with psoriasis, acne and more. If you want to get clearer, softer and healthier skin, a probiotic could be the answer.

Talk to Your Doctor at West Gastro about Probiotics

Ready to give probiotics a try so that you can begin living your healthiest life? If you want to know about what sort of probiotics you should be taking, it’s important that you talk to your gastroenterologist. This will give you a better idea of how adding a probiotic to your diet could help your gut and therefore, your immune system and health in general. Contact West Gastro in Los Angeles to make an appointment today!